Did the White House Support An Extremist Homophobe?

19 03 2007

•Americablog• has an article about extremist homophobe Rev. Ken Huchterson travelling the world as a “special envoy” of the White House. He reportedly went to Latvia and lectured the Latvian government on forbidding gay marriage, and accused the US Embassy staff of supporting the so-called “homosexual agenda.” Hutcherson apparently travelled with Scott Lively, the author of a Holocaust revisionist work that blames the Holocaust on homosexuals.

The White House has denied this; however, Hutcherson claims that the White House is lying,and has begun naming names.

Such connections are the inevitable result of the Bush White House (and the Republican Party) pandering to extremists for short-term political gain. George Bush promised to come to office as a “uniter, not a divider.” He has proceeded to divide the nation like no other president with the possible exception of Lyndon Johnson. Even tenuous association with figures such as Hutcherson and Lively brings discredit to President Bush and his entire administration.

George Bush had an opportunity to unite the nation, but he has spurned that opportunity in pursuance of his increasingly radical political agenda.

UPDATE: There is a longer article about this topic at •The Seattle Times.•




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