20 07 2007

I’m glad someone else noticed this…


Michael Moore v. Wolf Blitzer

10 07 2007

I used to think Michael Moore was a bit nuts. I don’t anymore, as he has been proved right time and again. I’m glad that he demanded CNN apologize for it’s poor reporting, both on the war and on the healthcare system. Thanks, Michael!

FOX News Makes You Dumb

16 04 2007

According to a Pew Research Poll, the most informed viewers in the United States are those who watch “The Daily Show” and the “Colbert Report.” FOX News viewers are near the bottom. This is, of course, no surprise whatsoever — one never learns anything from propaganda. You can find the full article •here•.

Pew poll

According to Radar Magazine:

Contrary to Bill O’Reilly’s statements that The Daily Show’s demographic consists of “stoned slackers” and “dopey kids,” 54 percent of Stewartites got two out of three questions correct, while only 33 percent of Fox News viewers managed the same. These results back up a 2004 study which showed that Daily Show watchers are “smarter and more affluent” than those of the Factor. And they don’t secretly despise immigrants.

FOX News Misrepresents Poll

5 04 2007

FOX News reported on a Pew Research poll on April 1st, which asked Americans “Who is the most foolish person of the year?”

President Bush scored the most votes, with 40%. FOX placed Britney Spears’ name at the top of the graphic and Bush’s name at the bottom. This is clearly a blatant effort by the administration’s mouth-piece to downplay the results! When the reporters in the video below discussed the poll, they indicated that Spears and Paris Hilton topped the list. This is simply untrue!

fox poll